Portrait of a french Video Game and Networks entrepreneur

Portrait of a french Video Game and Networks entrepreneur

At the age of six, only a few people know what they will do later in their future. Among the very young pioneers is the founder of GraalOnline Game. A simple game was enough to awaken his passion and plunge him into the digital world where he excels today.

By combining his fledgling passion for video games and his skills, he managed to create his first homemade video game when he was only a teenager. Unsurprisingly, the digital doors in France opened for him.

Not only for video games but also for computer networks; he has managed to make a name for himself. With Minitel, our businessman has found the best way to combine his passion and make it a thriving business.

A unique entrepreneurial spirit

Along with his growing passion developed some bright entrepreneurship ideas. Therefore, it is no surprise that he quickly wanted to create his own games to have fun first, then entertain others, and finally make profits. In 1989 as a result, Eurocenter was born.

His first company was focusing on video game production. Less than a year later, more precisely in 1998, GraalOnline was born. It was also at that time among the first French multiplayer games. Very strong in management skills, he has held high positions in the sector, and that is still the case today.

With his beginnings, his CV now has important management positions in large companies such as pont.fr Inmob,.. The combination of passion, skills and the taste for challenges allowed him to build his success through his companies. To illustrate this rise, Eurocenter quickly changed to Eurocenter Games, and even became a digital consortium named Eurocenter Group.

An innovative brand

“Eurocenter Games” is indeed known for creating innovative games filled with adrenaline. The company is even one of the companies that made video games available in the Appstore. And in terms of innovation, the GraalOnline game has especially received several new elements including the new extended version called GraalOnline Zone, one of the first MMO Freetoplay video games that could be seen at the time on smartphones iOS platform.

More news to come

GraalOnline and all its versions for example, is now available on Android and IOs platforms. Lovers of this cult game will now be able to play on their smartphones. One of the most famous versions of GraalOnline is GraalOnline +. This game lets you create the medieval kingdom of your dreams. You will be able to manage your kingdom but also feed your people and participate in wars for power. 

GraalOnline Zone + is another version of GraalOnline. This version allows among other things to explore and travel in the entire universe. Navigating from planet to planet is as easy as surfing on the internet. Another thing that characterizes this game is that the resolution and details of images and sound are incredibly accurate and realistic.

Finally, we have a last version of GraalOnline called Era +. This version is surely the most realistic of the three. In this game, the player will evolve into the urban world and the world of street gangs. He will thus create his empire and rule the city while facing the other gangs of the perimeter. GraalOnline and its versions have so far made no fewer than 8 million sales worldwide. Millions of players have made Stéphane Portha a pioneer of mobile video games.